Nominated projects from Estonia

“Living on the Edge” - South Estonia Yellow windows route

With six South Estonian counties and National Geographic Estonia Tartu Rural Development Association (TAS) has opened the Yellow Window’s route “Living on the edge” for visitors in 2013.

The project began with the selection places in nature and installation of National Geographic yellow window frames in 2013. In cooperation with local communities, 21 sights worth discovering were chosen in order to strengthen regional identity, make region well-known and bring visitors from other places in Estonia and abroad. The cooperation project involved altogether six counties and LEADER action groups, 30 partner organizations, 550 entrepreneurs and indirectly around 300 thousand inhabitants of the region. The project has been successful due to the size of its network and many innovative activities.

Long-Term Knowledge Transfer Program for Cooperatives

The goal of Long-Term Knowledge Transfer Program for Cooperatives is cooperative knowledge transfer to Estonian agricultural entrepreneurs, the heads of cooperatives and members through the involvement of specialists from Estonia and elsewhere, making cooperative activities more meaningful and profitable for entrepreneurs.

During the program there will be 24 information days, 32 additional training and 4 conferences organised and 7 information materials and 4 handbooks published. The program has a webpage that is regularly updated with relevant information and specialized materials. In order to exchange experience, 15 study visits to producers companies in Estonia and 4 in foreign countries are organised. During the program, 3 study groups meet regularly.

Fish shop with small fish processing unit and fishing net workshop

Stonefish is a private limited company, based on the island of Hiiumaa. This is a fishing enterprise which also processes fish on a small-scale and prepares and sells fishing and boat gear.

Stonefish recently opened a fish shop which offers fresh fish and its own processed fish products (fish fillets, smoked fish, dried fish), along with fishing gear and boat accessories. The facility also includes a small processing unit and fishing net workshop.

Although not all the projects related to the grants are fully finalised yet, the shop, processing unit and fishing net workshop are fully functioning, and the enterprise hired 5 people. Before, ther enterprise had no employees.