Nominated projects from Finland

From village to village

Pello municipality’s former library bus was turned into a multi-functional mobile youth-hobby-event center. The bus now tours the municipality, and provides youth in rural areas with a place to meet each other, and organise activities.

One key aspect was to involve the local youth from the beginning in the actual work. They stripped the old furnishings in the bus, as well as cleaned the outside of the old tapings for example.

The bus mainly serves local youth, but is also used as a meeting place for senior citizens, and functions as a mobile event center.

Safety in rural areas

The project is managed by the North-Karelian rescue department, in coopration with the North-Karelian union of rescueworkers and Union for Rural Culture and Education, together with a wide partner network. The project aims to increase village and rural development, increase the every-day safety ansd sense of community in rural areas, increase the safety knowledge and skills of the inhabitans and increse the level of preparation for disturbances or emergencies in every day life. The inhabitants themselves are able to have an impact on increasing and planning for a safer living environment. Voluntary rescue and safety teams are assembled in villages and neighbour aid is encourage. Rescue palns are developed for villages and event together with the villagers and in the villages.

Nordic Baltic Rural And Maritime Award
Nordic Baltic Rural And Maritime Award
Nordic Baltic Rural And Maritime Award

Development, piloting and use of a selective grid to improve trawl fishing in regions of endangered salmon migration

The aim of the project was to develop a technical solution for freshwater vendace trawl fishing, that would prevent endagered salmon from being trapped within the catch net, and to make it possible for them to evacuate the net as early as possible.

A new method for sorting was developed in the project, based on the differences in behaviour of different species of fish. A selective grid is installed inside the trawl at a specific angle, preventing the larger fish from entering the trawl, while allowing the vendace to swim into the trawl.

The larger fish are not pushed against the grid, and are free to swim infront of it. There is an exit window in front of the selective grid, through which water flows into the trawl. The inward current prevents the vendace from exiting the trawl, but allows the salmon to exit through it if they feel threatened. Should the salmon not exit through the window, they can be released from the selection part of the trawl before it is hauled onto the vessel.

See a video about the project below!