Nominated projects from Lithuania

Establishment of the mechanical processing centre

The project was funded under the Lithuanian RDP of 2007–2013 measure "Diversification into non-agricultural activities". Farmer Mr. Petras Vaitelis who had been succesfully growing grain in 100 ha area decided to diversify the activities and for this he started in the village very innovative and unusual business – established the mechanical processing centre with a hi-end computer numerical control (CNC) mechanical processing equipment.

Šlyninkos watermill and outbuilding repair

Community "Šlyninkos watermill" have decided to renovate unique 300 years old watermill and its outbuildings with aims to create good conditions for community events, organize various educational programs, foster tourism, produce ecological flour in old-fashioned way.

Renewal of equipment and buildings of the Laimutė Sadauskienė enterprise with aim to increase competitiveness

Laimutė Sadauskienė has established her own patisserie enterprise after the end of activity of the local bakery in which she had worked. Everything in her new business was going well though very slowly. Then she has decided to take the chance for the funding of Lithuanian RDP. In the territory of Lithuania the network of patisserie enterprises is really wide. But some spheres of this business is still not developed well. That concerns also the patisserie production of natural heritage. Support has helped very significantly to accelerate the process of this business development. And consequently – to make different products of Lithuanian heritage representing Lithuanian products for the world.