Nominated projects from Poland

Establishing a kayak route in the glacial valley of the River Wieprz

The project marked out a kayak route of over 120 km along the lower course of the River Wieprz (Lublin region). A guide book and a film promoting kayaking were elaborated. This was a cooperation project between four Polish LAGs. It aimed to create the conditions to develop entrepreneurship in the tourism sector in over a dozen municipalities where entrepreneurship was low and unemployment levels were high.

Micro-enterprises providing kayaking trips and accommodation began to appear on project conclusion. The LAG „Zielony Pierścień“ has set up a tourism business in a renewed building in Kośmin nad Wieprzem that sells kayaking trips and manages a camp site.

Integrated tourism and culinary product - "Discover the taste of the Vistula Valley – Take a turn in our pantry"

"Niech Cię Zakole" (Take a turn in our pantry) is a tourism and culinary product elaborated for four separate and unified territories: Ziemia Dobrzyńska; the turn of the Lower Vistula (both banks) bwteen Ostromeck and Chełmno and between Świecie and Fordon; as well as the Kociewie. „Niech Cię Zakole” is a slogan – it will surprise, captivate delight – the landscape, the culture, the traditions and the culinary offer of the Valley of the Vistula at the point where the river turnsTake a tour in our pantry! The product brings together the tourism and culinary potential discovered over the course of the project, the delightful byroads, the tourism and agri-tourism places providing for rest, tourism services as well as local produce and foodstuffs. The project has resulted in well thought through and tested offers for groups of tourists – road trips lasting between one and three days along the Ziemia Dobrzyńska, the Zakole and the Kociewie, taking into account the region’s potential and the services on offer as well as the needs and interests of the beneficiaries.

Twelve entities active in agri-tourism, tourism and gastronomy as well as two Rural Housewives Association located along the course have been nominated as Promoters of rural tourism and Promoters of the culinary label ‘Take a turn in our pantry’ (Niech Cię Zakole). Persons that were significantly involved in the promotion of the label and act on its behalf have been nominated Promoters of the label Niech Cię Zakole. These entities represent the label and make up a network linking tourism to a culinary offer. The project has also resulted in the creation of short supply chains based on the local potential of lamb and goose products. The coordinator of the network product following project completion is PHS Lenart – Piotr Lenart.

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The Northern Fisheries Trail, including the creation of educational and promotional centres

The Northern Fisherman’s Trail set up as a cultural tourism trail is an innovative undertaking that combines the traditions of fishing communities, infrastructure as well as events related to fisheries in a coherent project that has brought into a new tourism project into existence in the area made up of several regions of northern Poland.

Nine Promotional and Educational Centres were set up as part of the trail, one in each of the participating FLAGs. The Centres serve as places of education, the integration of local communities, of support to local entrepreneurship and to NGOs as well as the exchange of experience. Visitors can receive information about the trail (brochures, maps), about the offer of the trail’s partners, interesting events, make use of the WiFi or visit interesting thematic exhibits. A joint website was also set up as part of the project, accessible under the address, as was the website of the Mazurian part of the trail under

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