Nominated projects from Sweden

Färna berry cultivations

The farmer Johan Matsander has established a 40 ha farm cultivating berries and rubarb in an area where farming has gone backwards in many years and much land has become wood lands. With his plantation Johan Matsander has turned that development and through the cooperation with the Färna Manor Hotel, who is buying his products, the Färna berry cultivation is contributing both to the tourism business and to the food production. The plan is to process the products further in the future to add value.

Pecka's greenhouses with fish and tomatoes

Producing tomatoes and fish in an integrated aquaponic system has been tested in many years by Pecka Nygård in Härnösand. The system will now ble implemented in a large scale 4000 m2 greenhouse with a yearly production of 20 tons of fish and 200 tons of tomatoes where the water from the fish tanks is filtrated in the tomato beds and purified by the roots before it is recirculated to the fish tanks. The heating of the greenhouse is mostly from the ilumination and a biobased heating system. The model can be duplicated in a franchising system in many places.

The handymen cooperative in Hambrunge

The project was the initial phase of a social cooperative aiming at develop an arena for job opportunites and local services in the area. The idea was to pair the needs for different services with the resources in form of unemployed in the area. The services are gardening, car wash, snow plowing, mending of bicycles, transport of food to elderly etc. The initial project was a feasibility study for the social cooperative which laid the foundation to the cooperative. It is still functioning today.