March 2015

In the beginning of the month the Minister for Rural Affairs had invited many actors from the food chain to a booting for the work to bring forward a Swedish food strategy. The aim of the strategy is to strengthen and develop the Swedish food production, create jobs and sustainable growth all over the country. Since the food sector has a vital importance for rural development the NRN will follow and participate where it is possible in the work with the strategy.


Magnus Börjesson, AgroÖst presented his group's proposal at the first meeting of the European Network's "subgroup" for innovation.

First meeting with Innovation Subgroup


Magnus Börjesson, AgroÖst and Inger Pehrson, NSU took part in the first meeting of the Innovation Subgroup, subgroup to the ERN´s Assembly in Brussels. It was a mixture of around 60 people representing Managing Authorities/NRNs, Agricultural Advisory Service Providers and research Institutes, Civil dialogue Groups on Rural Development/Local Authorities and European Commission.


The meeting consisted mainly of work in break out groups. First about priorities for innovation: What are the challenges for innovation in the given themes from the Assembly and how could networking help? In the second interactive session there should be suggestions for suitable themes for the different EIP-Agri networking tools focus groups, seminars and workshops for the coming period.


Leader and CLLD


The process of selecting the new Leader areas is in its´ final stage. In the beginning of April it will be clear if all the strategies from 53 leader areas have been approved and how big their budgets will be. There will be a lot of changes since many FLAGs and LAGs have merged and since most of the strategies are aiming at using all the four available funds. Combined with this there is a large process going on, within the MA, to develop a totally new administrative system for the whole RDP, including Leader/CLLD. Representatives for the Coordination group for Leader/CLLD has a smaller working group with the task of giving input to the system developers for the specific leader related features necessary in such a data system.


Nordic Baltic Rural Networks meeting


Twice a year the NSU:s and sometimes also representatives from the MA:s from all the member states around the Baltic Sea meet. This time The Estonian NSU was hosting our meeting in Jäneda. Both Pille Koorberg from the EIP Service Point and Ursula Budzich Tabor from the ENRD Contact Point were also participating. The meetings are to share experiences and plans and discuss possible cooperation. Since both Finland and Sweden have newly started thematic working groups about rural youth it might be cooperation between them. There will also be a continuation of the Baltic Region Leader TNC award.


Swedish NRN participating in ENRD Seminar and Thematic Group Meeting on Stakeholder Involvement 26th and 27th of March


Representatives from two member organisations, Sofia Lindblad from the Federation of Swedish Farmers and Josefin Heed from the Swedish village action movement, together with Nils Lagerroth from the National Support Unit participated at the ENRD Seminar and Thematic Group Meeting on Stakeholder Involvement 26th and 27th of March. At the different working groups Josefin had a speech about Youth in rural areas, Sofia spoke about Members’ involvement in Swedish NRN activities and Nils about Virtual Think Tank - Telephone conferences as a tool for dialogue on Rural Development policies. We are happy to share Swedish experiences in stakeholders’ involvement in NRN activities, but are also very interested in new ideas and experiences from other NRNs.


First meeting with the thematic group Youth in Rural Development


Thirteen young representatives from very different national youth organisations have met for the first time to start forming the thematic group. This meeting was mostly to get to know each other and each other´s organisations in order to understand how to fulfill the task for the group given by the steering committee. The organisations represented in the group are: The village movement All Sweden Shall Live, U-land Association for Leader active youth, We are the Young, SE Football Federation, SE Hunters Federation, The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations - LSU, Saminuorra – Young Sami People, The County Councils, The Federation of Young and Disabled, Farmers Federation, Coompanion, Youth Media, The Organisation for Young Immigrants, Fältbiologerna – Young Nature Conservists.


”The thematic working group “Youth in Rural Development” had its´ first gathering March the 31:st”.



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