March 2016

In a time of terror hitting the places and directly affecting people we know and working with, the world feels colder. But by strengthening our transnational cooperation and joint efforts for thriving rural societies in Europe we are also helping to make Europe a warmer place. Within the network some of the thematic working groups have mostly worked with preparing for activities in April and May so this Monthly Review is quite short.

General network information

Representatives from the NRN has contributed with information in a dialogue with OECD´s experts who carry out a monitoring review of territorial development in Sweden. During two day sessions the dialogue has focused on subjects such as multi-level governance challenges, rural innovation and areas of growth potential, social inclusion in rural areas, urban-rural linkages and service delivery in rural areas. The review will contribute to the ongoing discussion on the new rural policy in Sweden, on the basis of the new OECD framework on rural policy.

Strengthening the blue businesses

A network initiative targeting fishery and aquaculture is prepared. After several preparatory meetings with stakeholders a small coordination group has been established and an activity plan is under preparation. The activities this year will have two themes: seminars for exchange of experiences and knowledge about rules and regulations between the stakeholders and an information campaign about high quality local food together with the working group for area based businesses.

The NRN Coordination group for CLLD

All the 48 Swedish LAGs have now received their final start-up approval. The complementary information about competences in LAG, selection criterias for projects etc have been approved. From the midst of March the IT system allows the LAGs to handle the pile of applications that have been waiting since January.
New representatives for the leader groups have been nominated and selected to the coordination group for CLLD, based on the new leader areas.

Youth in rural development

In the end of March some 30 young rural citizens from all over the country gathered in the small town of Hudiksvall to get inspiration, knowledge and information about where to get funding and how to realise development ideas and business plans. A theme of the gathering was also to challenge the urban norm, i.e. the trend that is indicating that you need to live in an urban area to be able to live a full life and use your potentials. In the conference there were many examples of youths finding ways to realise dreams and express themselves fully in a rural setting. A norm, in Swedish “en norm” can also be pronounced “en orm” which is a snake. Just to explain the pictures below.

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