November 2014

November is mostly a dull, wet and grey month in Sweden, when you talk about the weather. And so it is even this year. It is only way upp north you will find some white and cold snow. But when you talk about the Swedish Rural Network's development, it is anything but dull and grey no matter where in the country you are.

To achieve a higher level of activity and engagement from our new and old NRN member organizations they have been requested to identify needs of activities within the network that should be prioritized during the next year. With these proposals as a basis the Steering Committee will, in the mid of December, decide what to focus on in 2015.


The first meeting where the new Swedish NRN invited to lively and engaged discussions.

The first meeting with the new members of NRN


NSU contact person Maria Gustafsson


The first meeting with the new Swedish rural network was held in mid-November. 35 NGOs, 22 authorities, including county administrative boards, 29 leader regions and 16 municipalities participated – all in all around 160 people. Representatives from the Ministry of Rural Affairs and the Swedish Board of Agriculture answered questions from the participants concerning the new rural development program. The participants could immerse themselves in one of the four areas:

  • Fostering competitiveness of agriculture and fishery,
  • The role of different funds for rural development,
  • Economic support to high-speed internet and service,
  • The European innovation program.

Further, a discussion about the future was held. But most importantly, the participants got the opportunity to establish new contacts and further develop already established contacts. Several of the participants stated in the evaluation that the meeting had increased their motivation for being a member of the Swedish rural network.


Communication activities


During this year the Swedish Rural Network and its Communications Officer have been working with the development of a new graphic charter with a new logotype, colours and a decorative element. All this shall reflect the new network that will work in the programming period 2014-2020. In this period the Swedish Rural Network will be a network for the stakeholders within the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development as well as for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.


There are a lot of communication activities suggested for 2015. In the beginning of December the Steering Committee will decide which of the alternatives suggested by the members that should be prioritised.


One of the suggestions comes from the National Support Unit and was also presented at the first NRN meeting in Brussels in the first week of November. It concerns The Rural Day where all stakeholders and the authorities can come together and present different messages on rural matters under a common main topic. We must await the Steering Committees' decision. If the Steering Committee approves the proposal perhaps other countries are interested in cooperation in some way. The ENRD are considering if and how they could be involved in this activity.


Working group Green Businesses


NSU contact person Nils Lagerroth


A workshop on "How to get young people to become entrepreneurs in the green industry" was conducted November 4. The participants were young farmers and representatives of agencies, organizations, agricultural schools, etc. These were some of the needs identified.

  • The need for better information about green industries for the study and careers adviser at secondary schools.
  • The need for disseminating best practices about changes of farm ownership, attending school fairs together with representatives from agricultural schools.
  • The need of a survey of how current training stimulates entrepreneursh

Working group Rural Financing


NSU contact person Nils Lagerroth


The Rural Network Working Group on Rural Financing met representatives from the ministry of rural affairs on November 16. The discussion was focused on funding opportunities for rural enterprises and various financial instruments in the next programming period.


Working group Integration


NSU contact person Nils Lagerroth


On November 18, the Rural Network Working Group for Integration of new citizens had a telephone conference with 52 participants on how to implement projects to help immigrants find work and housing in the Swedish rural areas. The speakers were from various EU funds and employment services.


Community Led Local Development


NSU contact person Hans-Olof Stålgren


The Coordination group for Community Led Local Development has representatives from the LAGs and FLAGs together with the Managing Authority and Paying Agency, several national rural organisations and also representatives from the Social Fund and the Regional Fund. In it´s meetings it has been decided to postpone the deadline for presenting the local strategies with one week. The deadline is on the December 8. Other issues that are lifted and discussed in the group are the selection committee for the strategies, the methods to distribute the funding etc.


Hans-Olof Stålgren from the NSU participated in the national meeting of the RED ESPAÑOLA DE DESARROLLO RURAL presenting the Swedish multifund solution for CLLD which have the same Managing Authority for all the four funds.


EIP Network


NSU contact person Inger Pehrson


November was an intense month when it comes to information about the Swedish approach concerning EIP-Agri. The biggest event in Sweden was the kick off for the National Rural Network and Agricultural Innovation Day. Around 200 persons, interested in and working with innovations in agriculture, were gathered. The conference was opened by HRH Prince Carl Philip, who has a personal interest through his agricultural education and current work as a designer.


Our Swedish approach was presented at the meeting in Lisbon, Portugal about the uptake of the interaction innovation model. The main question was; how can researchers and advisors be involved in a good way in the EIP-Agri work? The meeting was arranged by SCAR-AKIS2 (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research –Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System).


The Swedish approach was also presented at the seminar about launching operational groups in Brussels arranged by EIP-Agri Service Point and the Commission. Around 150 persons from many different countries and regions discussed in break-out groups how to organize effective calls for innovation projects and EIP networking. It was very fruitful to hear examples from other countries and to share ideas.


Flagship project


NSU contact person Hans-Olof Stålgren


The Rural Network is a partner in a Flagship project within the Baltic Sea Strategy together with the other Baltic Sea NRN:s. The theme is rural youth. On November 24-26 a learning conference was organized with around 45 participants from FI, EE, LV, LT, OL and SE. See more atänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster


Participants in the Learning conference within the flagship project in Högsby 2014.

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