Foto: David Zandén/Scandinav bildbyrå.

Young inclusion

Young people in rural areas is the most important group of inhabitants in order to maintain and develop sustainable rural communities. Without young people willing to invest their future in the countryside, there is no sustainable rural development. We call it Young inclusion to stress that it is youth inclusion on their own terms, planned by and implemented by youth.

The mission of the national rural network thematic group for young inclusion is to raise the awareness of improving young people's opportunities in rural areas. This includes everything from influence and participation to entrepreneurship and opportunities for employment.

The overall goal of the group is to increase the ability of the network member organizations to include young people in rural development. The group will assist with both information and inspiration on how organizations can become better at including young people. The working group shall:

  • Map the member organizations' needs for information, knowledge and tools.

  • Inspire young people to increase their participation in rural development.

  • Inspire organizations to find new ways of working for increased youth inclusion.

  • Provide comprehensive tools, materials, information and contacts to increase young inclusion.

  • Make information particularly available for young people in regard to their interests and commitments

The group will also increase the inclusion of young people in the Rural Network's other activities and working groups through its coaching function. This function is key to make sure that youth focus should be included in all of the Rural Network's activities and thereby increase the diversity of actors in rural development.